The secret to beautiful floor restoration is in the preparation of the wood itself, the application of the preferred finishes and very importantly, the quality of the products used.

All floors have a life span that is based on how many times it can be sanded. This should be at least 4 times providing that they are professionally sanded on each occasion. Therefore, floors should only be sanded with a combination of rough, medium and fine sandpapers necessary to remove the degree of wear present.

Once prepared it is important that the stains/ finishes are applied correctly so as to maximise both the natural beauty and texture of the wood grain. Finally, there are many finishes of varying quality and types. We use only the highest quality products thus allowing you to enjoy your floor for many years.

Oil-Based Finishes

These are the most commonly used finishes. They have a darkening affect when used over stains or directly to the wood. They have a strong odour while drying with 2 coats being the recommended protection required.

Water-Based Finishes

These finishes are odourless ,fast-drying and ozone friendly. Three coats are recommended and these are applied over the course of two days. They tend to bring up the natural colour of the wood without the darkening affect of the oil-based finishes.